Hometown: Brandenburg, KY
Duties/Responsibilities: Cylinder Heads

Hometown: Grant Park, IL
Duties/Responsibilities: Hospitality, Suit up driver

Hometown: Wetumpka, AL
Duties/Responsibilities: Bottom End

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Duties/Responsibilities: Hospitality

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL
Duties/Responsibilities: Crew Chief

mike hennesiey

Rebecca Norman

Jake Kramer

Dustin Gatliff

In Memoriam

Nikki kramer

aaron grant

John Bodie Smith

Justin Schriefer

Wayne massad

roger marnul

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Duties/Responsibilities: Parts Cleaner

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL
Duties/Responsibilities: Clutch

Duties/Responsibilities: Clutch Assistant, Body, Tires

paul smith

Hometown: Aurora, IL
Duties/Responsibilities: Decals, body, pit maintenance

Dave Lindsey

monty todd

Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Duties/Responsibilities: Car Chief and Cylinder Heads

Driver: Justin Schriefer
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 225 Ibs.
Birthday: April 16th
Residence: Grant Park. IL
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Movie: Terminator
Favorite Music: Nickelback
Personal Automobile: 2006 Black Dodge Dually Diesel

  • Drove for Paul Richards Racing 2013-2014
  • Worked with Dale Creasy Sr. 1990-2012
  • Works as an Operating Engineer
  • Loves working with heavy equipment
  • Loves semi trucks
  • Body Builder
  • Along with driving, is the assistant crew chief on the funny car, and also still turns the wrenches by working on the clutch, bottom end, heads, blowers, mixes fuel, packs parachutes, works at the shop, and also works on marketing and funding for the car.